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Some folks start their senior years with a significant amount of savings and investments and others not so much. Those who have little in savings and investments are particularly vulnerable to unexpected costs that may arise. But there is also a problem for those who have been successful in setting aside retirement funds. Because people are living so long, they often outlive their savings and investments. What this means is that along the way to becoming older, expenditures have eaten into savings and investments.

I specialize in helping aging seniors and their families resolve the challenging financial issues they may face now or in the future. Instead of starting out with financial products as a first step, I strive to uncover all the underlying issues. Once I have a clear picture of your particular situation, I use a solution-based approach to help you resolve those issues. This may involve not only restructuring your current financial situation, but also finding sources of additional money for you such as veterans benefits, reverse mortgage, life settlements and government programs.

In addition to helping you with financial challenges, I work closely with other members of our planning Council to make sure that you not only have my assistance, but that your other issues such as preparation of legal documents, family caregiver challenges, government funding options and other sources of income are addressed as well.

I have 20 years of experience in providing financial advice and financial products. I am also a designated Certified Financial Planner – CFP. As a member of the Utah Elder Planning Council, I have also committed to offering a free, no obligation consultation to anyone requesting the services of our planning group.

You can reach me at: (555) 111-1111 or go to the Contact page and submit a request.

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